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Tech Me Out 1

Past event - 2023
22 May Doors Open 7:00pm
Main Event 7:30-9pm
The Back Page, 199 Phibsborough Road,
Dublin D07 AOX2
Sold Out!
Join us at The Back Page on Monday, 22nd May at 7:30pm! In this "Tech Me Out" event, talks include machine translation, natural movement simulations, and analyzing ancient human DNA.

What is Machine Translation? Another AI thing?

Sheila Castilho (Assistant Professor)
If you have used Google Translate you’ve used an MT system. I teach machines how to translate and understand the context to avoid bias, like gender bias. For example, some languages (French/Portuguese) have gender and sentences like "I'm a doctor" and "I'm a nurse" are translated with MT, it’ll likely choose the masculine gender for the first and the feminine for the second. Why is that? Because it’s not considering the context of the sentence and uses the bias found in the data. That's what we are trying to evaluate and fix.

Predicting movements

Giacomo Severini (Assistant Professor)
Generating simulations predicting how humans and animals move in different environments is currently considered a grand scientific challenge. Here I will show the latest advancement in simulations of natural movements. I will present examples of how predictive simulations can replicate movements of humans in different scenarios, such as walking with loads or in slippery conditions or even in low gravity. I will also show how these simulations can help us answer important questions on the way in which extinct dinosaurs moved.
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