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Pint of Quantum

Past event - 2023
09 Nov Doors Open 7:30pm
Event Start 8pm
Event End 10pm
The Bernard Shaw, Cross Guns Bridge,
Dublin D09 XW44
Join us for your typical night of pints, storytelling and quantum physics in collaboration with IBM.

Quantum Mechanics and Why It Matters

Niall Robertson (IBM Research Europe)
The behaviour of atoms and molecules is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Understanding how atoms rotate, vibrate and interact with other molecules is crucial for various fields such as chemistry, materials science, and drug discovery. Unfortunately, even our best computers in the world are not powerful enough to accurately predict and understand this behaviour for many of the most interesting and potentially useful molecular systems.

Quantum Mechanics & Research at IBM

Stephen Thomson (Research Scientist, IBM Research)
Steven Thomson is a quantum condensed matter theorist, currently working as a Research Scientist for IBM Research.

The Quantum Speed Limit

Steve Campbell (Assistant Professor, School of Physics, UCD)
Quantum mechanics makes the universe a fundamentally uncertain place. While Heisenberg was first to formalise the idea, interpreting his uncertainty principles has been the source of continued debate while also providing the seeds for pioneering research. I'll aim to give a quick intro to the essence of the uncertainty principles and highlight where the biggest interpretational bottleneck appeared, one which eventually led to the notion of the "quantum speed limit.
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