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Past event - 2023
23 May 7-9pm
Tequila Jack's, City Quarter, Lapp's Quay,
Cork T12 KCW0
Join us at Tequila Jack's on Tuesday, 23rd May at 7pm! In this "Our Society" event, talks include social media after pregnancy loss, improving fibre in the Irish diet, innovations in energy and long term effects of Covid-19. 

Long term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Liam O'Mahony (Professor of Immunology)
It has become clear that some people will have long term health effects following infection with SARS-CoV-2. Why does this happen, especially in people who have relatively mild symptoms during acute infection? Is there anything we can do to help protect against these detrimental effects of virus infection in the future? Current research efforts are focussed on answering these questions and I will share the latest updates during my talk.

Can white bread be good for you?

Sarah Kate Walsh (PhD candidate)
The benefits of dietary fibre have been long established however, fibre intakes in Irish adults and Western cultures remain chronically low. Researchers in UCC are investigating ways to increase fibre intakes by reformulating food staples in the Irish diet using isolated fibre ingredients. Such high-fibre reformulated foods may appeal to consumers (due to their neutral taste and texture) who typically consume low-fibre processed foods that may have a negative health impact. Finding ways to design high-fibre appealing foods may help to increase fibre intakes and tackle public health concerns.

Exploring sustainable energy futures with computer modelling and story-telling

Dr Fionn Rogan (Senior Research Fellow)
How can we change our fossil fuel energy system (for electricity, heat, transporting goods & people) to a climate neutral energy system? To explore answers to this question my research uses insights from computer models of our energy system to explore what energy innovations (technological, organisational, societal) might be required. My research also draws on stories from past energy transitions as well as the lived experience of energy by people from today. Energy is embedded in our lifestyles, livelihoods, & well-being - therefore it is crucial to collaboratively explore.

Examining the Use of Social Media and Online Forums After Pregnancy Loss

Stephanie Murphy (PhD candidate)
I will discuss the use of online social platforms (i.e. social media websites; online forums) following pregnancy loss. While these platforms can give people the opportunity to share their experiences and to seek support, the online environment also poses several risks which can threaten our online safety. In my research, I’m looking to identify the specific opportunities and challenges faced by people using online platforms following pregnancy loss, and to figure out how we can address these challenges in order to support safer online experiences for them.
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