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Atoms to Galaxies

Please note, this event takes place in 'The Holborn Street' room.
Past event - 2023
23 May Doors Open 6:30pm
Main Event 7-9pm
Thomas Connolly Bar, 1 Markievicz Road,
Sligo F91 HC04
Sold Out!
Join us at Thomas Connolly Bar on Tuesday 23rd May at 7pm! In this "Atoms to Galaxies" event, talks include laser technology, cosmic sphere, electrical signals in the brain, and invasive species threaten our biodiversity.

Diagnostics, therapy and surgery via emerging laser technology

Dr Karina Litvinova (Research)
Diagnostics and therapy technology, pursuing an ambitious goal of extending the life expectancy, has undergone a revolutionary change over half of the last century. This trend primarily refers to the diagnostics of heart disease and cancer, where mortality rates have increased over the last five years. Once considered a solution in search of a problem, lasers have become an essential tool for creating the next generation of innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies. Exceptionally, compact lasers have become a workhorse for increased diverse medical applications.

Is the Universe a spherical cow?

Dr Eoin Ó Colgáin (Assistant Lecturer)
Scientists study complicated systems by approximating them with simpler systems. To first approximation, a cow is a sphere. Likewise, to first approximation, the Universe is a sphere. I will explain where the cosmic sphere ends, the cosmic cow begins, all the time fighting the bull from textbooks on the topic.

Thinking about how the brain thinks

Dr Martin O’Neill (Assistant Lecturer in Population Health Informatics)
Scientists have shown that electrical activity in the brain controls our body movements and how we see and hear the world. But is everything we think and feel nothing more than electrical activity fizzing in our brains? I will explore the role of electrical signals in the brain and whether it is possible to separate our bodies from our minds.
Spoiler alert: It’s not!

Keeping out the Aliens

Dr. Frances Lucy (Professor)
We pride ourselves on our Irish identity – the pint of plain and the Wild Atlantic Way. Have you ever thought about our native plants and animals – in other words do you care about our biodiversity? Invasive alien species are one of the largest threats to biodiversity. These can come in intentionally or by accident, and they impact on biodiversity, communities and economies. While there are national strategies, we each can make simple changes in behaviour to help keep out the aliens. Let’s talk about it!
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